Sunday, June 9, 2013


So I have come back from dropping off the edge of the blogging world. I've been so supper busy the last...oh you know, year or so. I'm graduating in exactly 14 days! Memories night is tomorrow and I'm so stressed about that, being on the memories night team is really fun but really stressful. It's frustrating when ideas get shot down by authority, it's nerve wracking when people don't meet deadlines and it's scary trying to live up to expectations. But tomorrow will be the end of it!
And today is the day we take pictures in our caps and gowns. Very exciting. I tried practicing my smile in the mirror but I gave up because I have a goofy smile. I'll be the one on the wall of Fountianview fame who when people walk by they'll stop and say "who was that goofball?" and some student will answer "oh that was Moriah!" But I decided that goofy smiles aren't entirely bad because at least they'll make other people smile, I mean if you see someone with a funny face it's hard not to smile right? Exactly. I'll make the world smile. Mission accepted.


  1. I miss you Moriah...I love you so much! You're blog is awesome, and your goofy picture STILL isnt up -_-

  2. lol Kamipooh I switched blogs thats why. I have a new one